Cates Grain & Seed are excited to announce the 2017 release of T100 Wintermax Triticale

T100 Wintermax Triticale is a new autumn/winter sown single harvest forage option.  This new variety portrays excellent early establishment vigour and has the ability to rapidly accumulate dry matter over the winter period.   T100 Wintermax Triticale offers a highly nutritious early spring forage supplement by retaining green leaf throughout the cooler months.

Image:  Mayfield 20th July 2016. T100 Wintermax Triticale left and Rahu Ryecorn right.

T100 Wintermax Triticale Agronomic features:

  • Excellent early establishment vigour.
  • Winter active – Unsurpassed winter dry matter production when compared to other forage cereals.
  • Erect growth habit.
  • Excellent tolerance to current NZ stripe rust strains.
  • Good lodging tolerance aided by its shorter stature and strong straw strength.
  • Large reduced-awned seed head with large sized grain.
  • Early to head but slow to mature.
  • Maintains green leaf during colder months.

Click on the image below to download further information on T100 Wintermax Triticale or contact your local rep on 03 308 7166

New Zealand Seed Certification Application CLICK HERE

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