Cates supports all farm operations – regardless of size or industry. The average lifestyle block in New Zealand is approximately 10 acres (four hectares) but can be up to 50 acres or more. Despite the smaller size and capacity, livestock and pasture management goals can still be realised.

Our agronomists regularly work with lifestyle farmers to help increase production and provide access to innovative pasture systems. Our services include:

  • Agrichemical and fertiliser solutions: We have in-depth knowledge of agrichemicals and fertilisers and can recommend solutions for all farming operations. Our agronomists are also Growsafe accredited and have dangerous goods endorsements on their drivers’ licenses, which allows the safe handling and transport of any agricultural chemicals.
  • Pasture solutions: Our agronomists can deliver onsite advice to help lifestyle farmers select the best pasture seed for their environment and farming system. We provide access to all pasture varieties sold in New Zealand and are not limited to specific wholesalers. Our Cates’ store in Ashburton holds a wide range of varieties, and we can mix and treat to order.

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