Cates is a major supplier of pasture seed to dairy, sheep, beef and deer farmers throughout the country.

We provide access to all pasture varieties sold in New Zealand and are not limited to specific wholesalers. Our store in Ashburton holds a wide range of varieties onsite, and we can mix and treat to order. In addition, our agronomists can visit you on-farm to help you select the best pasture solution for your environment and farming system.

Pasture seed multiplication is also a large part of our portfolio. We specialise in the multiplication of ryegrass and clover varieties, which are grown locally for reproduction and re-exported to international companies and as well used domestically .


We provide access to a full range of high-performing proprietary ryegrasses from leading agricultural seed companies. This includes Germinal New Zealand’s Aber High Sugar Grasses.

All varieties can be mixed with any other type of seed, and we can apply most treatments (such as Gaucho and Poncho) to any seed ordered.


We have a comprehensive range of white and red clover available for pasture mixes, or to be used alone. Clover is a natural nitrogen fixer and regarded as a valuable pasture addition, to help reduce the cost and environmental impact of artificial fertiliser.


Brassica species such as rape, kale and turnips are popular options for green feed crops all year round. We stock an extensive range of all the leading varieties.

In addition we supply fescue, fodder beets, forage cereals, timothy, brome, chicory, plantain, browntop and lawn grass varieties.


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