Cates brings a world of opportunities to farmers. We are specialists in the multiplication and production of clover, pasture seeds, cereals, pulses and brassicas as well as onsite crop advice. Our team of agronomists offer strategic understanding, practical advice and huge local knowledge that will boost your bottom line and help you get the best results from your land.

Cates was the first independent grain and seed company in Ashburton. For 50 years we’ve been here for our farmers. Today, Mid Canterbury is still home and everyone we work with in the area knows us by name. We’re country people working with country people. Our people drive down hundreds of rural driveways every year. It’s these on-the-ground connections that give us access to high-quality seed and make our international partnerships so strong.

Our farmers see us as an important business partner and their strategic link to the global seed trade. We already supply locally-grown cereals, pasture seeds and pulses to markets including Europe, the United Kingdom, America, Canada, Japan and Australia.

As the principal shareholder in Plant Research NZ Ltd, based at Innovation Park in Canterbury, we are one of the few grain and seed companies in New Zealand with its own research arm.

Our future is all about forging new markets and opportunities to take local seed to the world – while remaining a trusted advisor and partner to our farming community. In 2021, we changed our name to Cates, New Zealand Seed Specialists to reinforce our standing as a strategic partner of choice to New Zealand and the world’s crop and seed producers.

If you’re looking for a relationship to help you claim your rightful share of the global seed trade, call us today and let’s talk through how we can successfully work together.


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  • Onsite crop advice
  • Research and development
  • Seed multiplication
  • Seed products

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