Cates Grain & Seed is a leader in grain brokerage for customers all over New Zealand.

We buy and sell on behalf of our customers a wide range of grains for the milling and the feed industries and are ideally situated to supply domestic grain to the North Island with our rail storage, weighing and loading facililty on site in Ashburton. Cates Grain & Seed secures a large quantity of wheat for the flour mills in both the North and South Island. This is done primarily through forward grain contracts but also on the free market. Wheat is also supplied to both Islands for the feed trade, whether it is for poultry or to make dog biscuits. We are also a supplier of white wheat to the biscuit trade.

Cates Grain & Seed Ltd brokers barley that is used in the processing of stock food or alternatively for use by stock farmers who make their own feeds.

We maintain a strong relationship with the horse breeders and trainers of New Zealand and supply a sizeable quantity of high quality whole oats and chaff to them each year.

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Seed Multiplication - Cates Grain & Seed

Seed Multiplication

The Cates Grain & Seed staff have an in-depth knowledge and experience that is only gained through many years in the industry offering on site crop advice.

On Site Crop Advice

Small Seed Brokering - Cates Grain & Seed

Small Seed Brokering

Grain Brokering - Cates Grain & Seed

Grain Brokering