Cates Grain & Seed is a major supplier of pasture seed to dairy, sheep, beef and deer farmers throughout New Zealand.

We hold a wide range of varieties in store and will mix and treat to order. Pasture Seed Multiplication is also a large part of our companies portflio. We specialise in the multiplication of overseas varieties of ryegrass and clovers grown for reproduction and re-export to international Company's.
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Cates Grain & Seed stock Germinal’s High Sugar Grass variety AberDart. AberDart High Sugar Ryegrass brings with it tremendous benefits in animal performance for milk, meat and wool production. AberDart high sugar ryegrass is available with nil endophyte and AR1.
A new high sugar ryegrass - AberMagic has been recently released and is also available in nil endophyte and AR1.

Aber is a registered trade mark of Germinal Holdings Limited.

We also offer a full range of high performing proprietary grasses from other companies along with the common varieties are such Nui and Moata. All of these varieties are available from any of our stores and can be mixed with any other type of seed at no extra charge. We can also apply most treatments such as Gaucho and Poncho to any seed ordered.

Contact our office for information on these exciting new varieties of ryegrass.

Cates Grain & Seed have a large range of white and red clover available for pasture mixes or to be used alone. All of the top brands are stocked such as Sustain, Aran and Huia white clover or Colenso and Hamua red clover.

Clover is an essential ingredient in any good pasture to provide a good balance of nutrition and to aid in the production of soil nitrogen for healthy plants.

Brassica species such as rape, kale, and turnips are a very popular option for green feed crops all year round. We stock an extensive range of all the best varieties.

There are many other varieties of seed available from Cates Grain & Seed including Fescue, Timothy, Brome, Chicory, Plantain, Browntop, and Lawn Grasses. All of the seed available has been certified by AsureQuality New Zealand Ltd with the exception of some common variety lines of seed.

Contact us to discuss the best one for your situation or speak directly with your local representative.

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