Cates offers two varieties – D1 forage oat and L5 milling oat


D1 Forage Oat

D1 Oats were developed by Plant Research Ltd as an autumn sown forage oat. It has good establishment and early vigour in cold soil and winter weather conditions. D1 offers a high quality feed in winter with strip grazing and is performing well throughout Canterbury.

Agronomic information & benefits

  • An erect, medium-tall plant with wide and dark green leaves
  • A late heading date and vigorous growth, maintaining excellent feed quality – also have shown to hold their leaf quality longer than comparative forage oats
  • Moderate disease resistance. As temperatures warm in the spring, fungicides will need to be considered to control leaf rust


D1 Oats can be sown in the autumn and spring with a sowing rate of 110-130kg/ha.

L5 Oat

L5 Oats were developed by Plant Research Ltd as a spring oat that meets the milling specifications of Harraway’s Mill in Dunedin.

Agronomic information & benefits

  • It is the premium oat variety for the production of New Zealand oat milk
  • An autumn sown forage variety offering high feed value on autumn/winter grazing
  • A semi-dwarf variety with very strong straw that can resist lodging in most situations
  • Unique grain size with significantly larger and plumper grain than northern hemisphere varieties
  • Generally low screenings and test weights of around 46-52 kg/hl
  • Moderate disease resistance with a fungicide programme recommended


L5 Oats are ideally suited as an autumn or spring variety in the South Island.

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