• Medium height, medium to late maturing.
  • Good tolerance to powdery mildew and resistance to psbmv.
  • Flowering normally commences at 19-20 nodes, and 2 flowers are produced per node.

AP2 can be sown from late August until late October. The recommended plant population is around 80 plants/m2. This equates to a sowing rate of around 190-200kg/ha depending on TSW. If growing AP2 in a cereal mix, the sowing rate would expect to be decreased. A ratio based on weight of 60% peas to 40% cereals could be expected for forage crops, however check with your agent for the best advice. AP2 is a late maturing pea variety and is therefore ideally suited to mixing with wheat or triticale because the maturity is more in line with these cereal types. This will mean that the pea will be at a better stage for a silage harvest when the cereal is ready to harvest than with existing commercial forage pea varieties.

Resistance to pea powdery mildew will help AP2 to maintain a green leaf for longer than other varieties. AP2 is the only forage pea available with resistance to powdery mildew.
AP2 will respond to irrigation, however continued monitoring of soil moisture status will ensure efficient use of water with the crop.

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