Graham Winter Wheat

Graham is a high yielding winter feed or milling wheat with a wide sowing window – late March until late June. It has a good disease resistance profile and it responds well to fungicides.


Graham is an exciting multi-purpose wheat variety, bred by Syngenta in France and developed in conjunction with Cropmark Seeds as head licensee. Graham has a different disease profile to UK bred feed wheat and yields well across all New Zealand regions.


It has a robust disease package and produces a big and heavy grain sample. In its first year of FAR trials, Graham produced outstanding yields across a wide range of sites with yields in Canterbury ranging from 11.3 t/ha on dryland – to 17.5 t/ha under irrigation in Methven.

Graham continues to prove itself as a top performer in FAR trials making it the ideal option for farmers looking for a versatile variety to sow in the Autumn/Winter.


Graham has stiff straw, but is a medium tall variety so will benefit from a moderate PGR program. It has an excellent disease profile, with low sprouting risk and early maturity. The ideal plant population for March/April sowing is 150 plants/m². For late May and June sowing, plant population should be increased to 200 plants/m².

  • Septoria leaf blotch
    • Moderately Resistant
  • Stripe Rust
    • Mostly resistant
  • Leaf Rust
    • Intermediate Resistance*
  • Powdery Mildew
    • Moderately Resistant
  • Fusarium head blight
    • Moderately Resistant

Graham is an average to high yielding feed cultivar performing well under both irrigated and dryland conditions across all sites and regions tested.

Graph 1. Yields from FAR trials in Mid and South Canterbury 2019/20 ((Autumn Sown Wheat) – 4 year adjusted mean

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