Greenwood Field Pea

  • Significantly higher grain yields than Aragorn with up to 1 mt/ha more grain, during the past two seasons in Canterbury
  • Greenwood has averaged 5 mt/ha.
  • Excellent tolerance to pea powdery mildew and good grain bleach tolerance
  • Avoid paddocks with a high aphanomyces root rot index
  • Suitable for dry land and irrigated conditions
  • Food markets include splitting and canning

Greenwood is a green seeded field pea bred by Plant Research (NZ) Limited.

Following on from the success of Aragorn field peas, Greenwood presents the next step in field pea development for New Zealand and international markets.

Greenwood is a spring variety. It is semi-leafless variety with good lodging tolerance particularly in dryland cropping situations. Greenwood is white flowered and will flower 2-3 days earlier than Aragorn. Pods are longer and contain 1-2 more grains per pod than Aragorn.

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