Pizzaz Field Pea

  • High yielding
  • Tolerant to pea downy mildew
  • Best sown mid-September through to mid-October

Pizzaz was bred in New Zealand and developed as a food pea suitable for plant protein extraction in the USA where it is being used in supply chains for plant protein food products. It is also suitable for use as a feed pea.

Pizzaz is a spring-sown variety that produces a crop of medium-tall height and matures mid-season.

Early plant vigour is good, and under ideal growing conditions Pizzaz will tiller and compensate for minor gaps in establishment.

Flowering normally commences at nodes 16-17.

Flowers are white and normally 2 flowers are produced at each node.

General agronomic practices should be similar to those applied to other field pea varieties.

In New Zealand trials, Pizzaz has consistently out-yielded Yellowstone.

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