Silhouette Spring Barley

  • Spring barley from Syngenta (UK), developed in New Zealand in conjunction with Cropmark Seeds.
  • Stiff straw and excellent disease resistance.



SY Silhouette is a new high yielding feed barley bred by Syngenta in the UK and developed in NZ in conjunction with Cropmark Seeds as head licensee.

SY Silhouette is a late maturing barley with stiff straw and excellent disease resistance, meaning it has a wide sowing window.

SY Silhouette is a spring barley and can be sown from late April / early May in the autumn right through to October/ early November in the spring.

SY Silhouette produces a large grain with average screenings and test weight.

Disease and agronomic profile for SY Silhouette barley (FAR 2022/23 autumn cultivar booklet).

  • Scald
    • Intermediate Resistance
  • Leaf Rust
    • Moderately Susceptible *
  • Net Blotch
    • Moderately Resistant
  • Powdery Mildew
    • Resistant
  • Straw strength
    • Stiff
  • Lodging risk
    • Low

*There are no commercial barley cultivars with a higher rating for leaf rust


SY Silhouette has produced reliable yields across all sowing times, whether it be dryland or irrigated, for autumn sowing or for spring sowing.

Graph 1. Average Yield Comparison (t/ha) (FAR 2023/24 autumn cultivar booklet)

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