Skyfall Wheat

  • New high yielding milling wheat
  • Excellent grain size
  • Strong disease resistance package
  • Awned with short, stiff straw

RGT Skyfall wheat offers a winning combination of high yields, excellent quality and good functionality making it a superb option for growers throughout New Zealand.

It’s strong agronomic merits and flexible sowing window mean it can fit into many farming systems.


RGT Skyfall has performed consistently well in internal trials and continues to impress in CPT trials.
With high falling number and specific weights RGT Skyfall has the ability to hit medium grade milling.

Due to its high yields, nitrogen applications may have to be adjusted to achieve protein specifications.

  • Septoria leaf blotch
    • Moderately Resistant
  • Stripe Rust
    • Intermediate
  • Leaf Rust
    • Intermediate Resistant
  • Powdery Mildew
    • Mostly Resistant
  • Fusarium head blight
    • Moderately Resistant

RGT Skyfall has consistently shown very high yields over differing seasons, regions, soil type, rotation and drilling date. Offering growers flexibility in their cropping and drilling decisions.

Yields from FAR trials in Mid and South Canterbury 2019/20 ((Autumn Sown Wheat) – 4 year adjusted mean

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