SY Defiant

High yielding winter feed wheat with excellent disease resistance.


SY Defiant is a high yielding feed wheat, bred by Syngenta in the UK and developed in New Zealand in conjunction with Cropmark seeds as head licensee. It has high yield potential and has performed well in irrigated and dryland sites.

SY Defiant is a short variety with excellent straw strength and is early maturing.  It has excellent disease resistance.

Graph 1.  Average wheat yields from 2022/23 FAR trials.  FAR Booklet 2023. Canterbury average of 6 trials, Southland average of 2 trials, NI 1 trial.  Yields are presented as % of trial means.

SY Defiant has an excellent disease resistance profile with trials showing a low response to fungicide use.  This makes it a low cost, low risk variety to grow along with low sprouting risk and early maturing.  It can be sown from late March through to mid-July.

Ideal plant populations are March – April 150 plants/m2, May-June 175 plants/m2.

SY Defiant is a short stiff straw variety and will only need PGRs in high fertility, high yielding environments.

Disease and agronomic profile (FAR booklet 2023)

  • Septoria tritici – mostly resistant
  • Stripe rust – resistant
  • Leaf rust – resistant
  • Powdery mildew – resistant
  • Fusarium head blight – moderately resistant
  • Straw strength – stiff
  • Crop height -short
  • Maturity – early
  • Sprouting susceptibility – low


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