Yellowstone Field Pea

  • Semi-leafless plant type
  • Medium-tall plant, thick stems
  • White flowers
  • Seed yellow cotyledon, seed size range 240-280g/1000 seeds

Visually Yellowstone is a strong plant with thicker stems, larger tendrils and
more tillers than Alezan. Pod length is longer than Alezan with 2-3 more grains in each pod.

Yellowstone has consistently out-yielded Alezan in replicated plot trials in Canterbury. In its first seed multiplication area in Leeston in 2014/15 Yellowstone yielded 10.1 mt/ha from an irrigated 0.9 ha multiplication area.


The point of difference between Alezan and Yellowstone is consistently higher
grain yield, a larger grain size and improved tolerance to powdery mildew


  • Powdery mildew
    • Tolerant
  • Downy mildew
    • Moderately tolerant
  • Ascochyta blight
    • Moderately tolerant
  • Fusarium wilt Race 1
    • Resistant
  • Lodging resistance
    • High

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