SY Defiant, the latest winter wheat cultivar from Syngenta, is setting new industry standards in disease resistance alongside high yields.  This exciting new variety is available through Cates, serving farmers across the Canterbury region.


Developed in the UK and rigorously tested in New Zealand, SY Defiant, offers unmatched performance.  “We are thrilled to finally introduce SY Defiant to the market,” said Paul Winter, agronomist at Cates. “It performed exceptionally well in the last two years of FAR’s Cereal Performance Trials, not only in yield, but in disease resistance as well.”


Paul highlighted the practical benefits of growing SY Defiant “With its robust disease resistance and minimal sprouting risk, SY Defiant represents a low cost, low risk option for our farming community.”


FAR testing and trials have confirmed SY Defiant is among the top-performing winter wheat varieties on the market, consistently delivering high yields in various locations throughout the country and in both dryland and irrigated conditions.  It’s early maturing and short stiff straw provides easy harvesting and management.


SY Defiant has a wide sowing window from late March through until mid-July. Seed is available now – visit here for further information.


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