Cates Grain & Seed produce high grade whole and split peas and lentils for the local New Zealand market and for export to the Pacific Basin, Asia, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa where successful marketing has seen demand boom.

The marketing of these products is carried out by a wholly owned export company, Pulse Exports (N. Z.) Ltd. The processing of the majority of the peas and lentils is carried out at the companies Rakaia storage and processing store.

Cates Grain & Seed are the major supplier and producer of the Rajah Red Lentil cultivar, both for export and for the local split lentil market.

Our Rakaia store is dedicated solely to pulses such is our interest in this type of crop. We handle marrowfat peas, white, brown and blue peas and red lentils.

These products are produced by our local growers which are then sent to our store in Rakaia for cleaning and bagging in preparation for shipping to a multitude of customers.

Cates Grain & Seed has invested heavily over many years in the research and development of pea and lentil cultivars. This investment continues today with our involvement as shareholders in a research and development company called Plant Research NZ Ltd headed by one of New Zealand's leading pulse breeders, Adrian Russell as its CEO. We expect to see new higher producing, disease resistant varieties in the next few years.

Cates Grain & Seed produce and market the following for the New Zealand domestic market:
- Split Green (Blue) Peas
- Split Yellow (White) Peas
- Split Red (Brown) Lentils
- Pea Flour
- Organic Peas and Lentils

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Torch Winter Wheat

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Acclaim Spring Barley

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Forage Cereal

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